References for the section "Volume source estimation"

I haven't found any references for this method in section "Volume source estimation". Can anyone provide me with references for this method?
I would really appreciate it.

Hi, what is the method in question?

I haven't had any problems yet. I just want to know how to construct a grid of dipoles that samples the full brain volume through relevant references.
Could you provide some related articles?

A general reference on source estimation would be:

Minimum norm: Baillet S, Mosher JC, Leahy RM
Electromagnetic brain mapping, IEEE SP MAG 2001.

@tmedani, can you point to references for the definition of volume grids?

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Thank you very much!


@Raymundo.Cassani shared some of the best references in this field. Please refer to them.

I don't have in mind a specific publication for the volume source. I'll check and share if I found something relevant.

However, the idea behind this approach is to model the deep sources within the brain, or model the brain with abnormalities, where you can define a specific or custom area where you can place the dipoles.
The principles of the computation follow the same logic as for the cortical sources (or the surface sources on the cortex).


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Thank you very much!

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