Resting State Connectivity

Dear brainstorm community, I'm writing for a suggestion regarding Resting State (RS) connectivity. We runned an EEG experimental cognitive paradigm, and from this paradigm we extracted a stabile network involving four brain areas. We want to test if the connectivity during RS in these areas is able to predict the behavioural outcome.
I planned to analyse RS in this way:
Epoching the RS signal each 2 sec, extracting PLV for each epoch and then averaging the PLV obtaining 1 PLV file per subject.
Does it sound correct or there is another way that you would suggest?

Hello GM:

Your approach sounds technically fine but I don't think it has been shown to reveal RS connectivity in published work. The approaches I am aware of are based on whole-brain connectivity with amplitude envelope correlation or PAC. That said, your ROI-based approach and regression with behavior is quite specific and again, is technically fine so in that sense it is valid for testing.