Smooth display and show timestamps at x-axis

Hi all,

There might be a very simple way to do it but I could not find it in the brainstorm GUI. So when I plot all channels’ time-frequency maps using Image [Channel x Time] options brainstorm doesn’t show me the timestamps on x- axis rather I can only see Time(s) written but I also want to show the ticks on x-axis. Is it possible to smooth the display when we use this Image option? I can see the smooth display option when I plot signal channel TFRs but this smooth display option is not present when I plot all channels at once using Image [Channel x Time].

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I added the support for time ticks in the [Channel x Time] figures in this last commit:
They might differ a bit from the ones in the time-frequency figures, because those ones are managed directly by Matlab.
Update Brainstorm and try again (menu Update > Update Brainstorm).

Regarding the option “smooth”, this is not supported in this type of displays, but it wouldn’t make sense to smooth across sensors anyway. In the time-frequency figures, it makes sense because both axis represent continuous variables (time and frequency).