Source projection error (individual MRI to ICBM152)

I'm trying to project my individual MRI-based sources to the default anatomy (ICBM152) but I had an error message as follows. I tried removing interpolations on the default anatomy but projection is still not working. Is there any solution for this?


Error using tess_interp_tess2tess (line 101)
One surface has an atlas "Structures", the other does not. You need to use surfaces coming from the same
software to project sources.

Error in bst_project_sources (line 163)
[WmatSurf, sSrcSubj, sDestSubj, srcSurfMat, destSurfMat, isStopWarped] =
tess_interp_tess2tess(srcSurfFile, destSurfFile, isInteractive, isStopWarped);

Error in tree_callbacks>@(h,ev)bst_project_sources(ResultFiles,sDefCortex(iCort).FileName)


If you are using volume source models (, the proper way of doing the group analysis is described here:

If you are using surface source maps, then you need first to prepare and select as default a cortex surface with the same structures for all your subjects and for the template (so that they all get similar "Structures" atlases available)