Spectral Granger Causality in FreqBands

Hello Brainstormers,

I note that the processes coherence, PLV and envelope correlation all have the option of choosing the Hilbert transform for grouping frequencies of interest into frequency bands.
I was wondering if something similar will be implemented into the Spectral Granger Causality process possibly in the near future?

I know that the below forum presents a work-around to this but I am still curious to know whether the option to group frequencies into bands will be directly implemented into Spectral Granger Causality.

And, on a related note, from what I've been reading in the forums it looks like the general recommendation of connectivity analysis is to use the processes with the [2023] update written next to it as the Granger causality process is being tested, verified etc over the next few years. Have I understood this correctly?

Hi @mcp0228,

thank you for the suggestion. For the moment this implementation is not in our future-works list.

Last year we updated some connectivity metrics (the ones that are phase-based) and we also re-organized the connectivity menu, so it does not should older versions of connectivity metrics. While old metrics can be accessed with scripts for sake or reproducibility, we encourage users to use the ones displayed the GUI.