Detecting Custom Events

Hello dear Brainsormers,

I have a problem with ruuning the "Custom event detection" on the recordings. I use the following settings:

When I run it I get this error message:

I wonder if it is in connection with the other error message that I asked about here (for visualizing dipoles):

I appreciate your comments,

Hi Saeed,

After starting Brainstorm, could you run the line below and report the result?
which fir1

The reported error seems to be caused by fir1 function different from the one in the Signal Processing Toolbox - MATLAB


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Hello Raymundo,
After starting Brainstorm and running the line, this is the result:



UPDATE: According to what Raymundo said, I just removed all the "set path" folders that pointed to fieldtrip (\\raid_02\Saeed\fieldtrip-master) and "detect custom events" is working fine again.

I guess when I installed the fieldtrip plugin on Brainstorm, it did the "set path" which caused this error. Is it probably a bug?

Thank you Raymundo,

Your FieldTrip path (\\raid_02\Saeed\fieldtrip-master), suggests that FieldTrip was manually added to the Matlab path, rather than by a Brainstorm plugin, as the path of plugins is $HOME/.brainstorm/plugins/ . More details in the Plugins tutorial

Not really. It has to be with how the path is handled by the user. If FieldTrip is added as a Brainstorm plugin, FieldTrip's path is added at the end, thus which fir1 returns the function from the Signal Processing Toolbox (MATLABROOT/toolbox/signal/signal/fir1.m) which is the required by bst_bandpass_hfilter.m at L183

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