Display sensors -> cortex opens MRI viewer in addition to cortex view

The 29-Apr-2024 update causes an MRI viewer figure to be spawned inappropriately when the user executes display sensors -> cortex.

Only the cortex view figure should be spawned.

Hi @aarongeller,
Thank you for writing. This is not an inappropriate behavior. This was added recently for two reasons:

  1. If anyone wants to edit the contacts to fine tune and rectify the contacts while doing any surface display (and not just 3D MRI) through Display sensors option they will have the MRI Viewer on the side to be able to do that by default.
  2. Also, having the MRI Viewer open on the side aids towards better analysis. If not required you can always just close it.

First, this is a clear change in behavior which has been stable for more than 2 years (likely longer). In my opinion it isn't appropriate in general for a single action to open multiple figures.

In my case, this change breaks scripted behavior for my surgical workflow because the dimensions of the resulting figures are different.

If you insist on keeping this change, can you provide a hook to view_channels_3d to allow me to suppress the extra figure?

Thank you @aarongeller for your feedback, it is because of this that Brainstorm has become the powerful and useful too that it is.

As you may have seen, in the last months we have been developing newer features oriented to facilitate and improve the localization of iEEG electrodes. Some of these update include the revamping of the ECOG and SEEG tutorials.

We will discuss in the team to better integrate the new iEEG features without disrupting previous workflows.