Export time-frequency values to Excel

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I am working with mu rhythm and alpha and videos with hands moving. I finished all the preprocessing and now I am exporting the data to an excel to do the statistical analysis. So, I have quite a lot conditions and levels (bio/nonbio, predictable/nonpredictable, action/noaction, actor1/actor2) plus different ROIs (I am starting with centrals for mu, but I will do also centroparietals, parietals). What I have done so far is do the TF analysis with morlet wavelets and then extract the values (for each condition, each level, each actor) one by one and copy the value to excel.

I tried to run the process with all conditions at the same time, to save time but the output is an average of all conditions and I need to do them separately. Is there any way to export all the conditions and levels (for example bio/predictable/action/actor1, nonbio/nonpredictable/noaction/actor2, etc) at once and to obtain X values for the Excel sheet?

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You can try selecting all your files and then extracting your values of interest with the process "Extract > Extract values", then export the output matrix as a text or XLS file.

Otherwise, you could write a Matlab/Brainstorm script to select the files from the database by condition, then load only the values you are interested in.

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Hi Francois,

Thank you for your reply. Not sure if I understood; so it would be select all the files (bio/nonbio, predictable/nonpredictable, action/noaction) to the process 1 box, run morlet wavelets and then extract values, and then export to the matrix to a text or XLS file.

If I did it correctly, it still appears only one value, and I cannot distinguish different values for different conditions. Looks like I obtain the average, and not separate values for each file (8 coditions).



If you get an average, maybe you selected the wrong option in the output of the time-frequency process: