Issue exporting MEG sensor to SPM

Dear Brainstorm developers and fellow users,

I was trying to export some MEG data (ERF, originally .fif files collected by Elekta Neuromag system) pre-processed in Brainstorm to SPM12 for subsequent analysis. Since the SPM analysis requires data in SPM format including both the time series and sensor information (it doesn’t seem to support the source file), I tried to apply “export to file” and selected the SPM format to the epoched data. However, I was not able to finish the export because of the error shown in the screenshot below, suggesting there's no such feature.

I wonder if someone has already implemented such a feature? If not, is there a reliable intermediate solution? I was thinking of exporting it to FieldTrip then using convert it in SPM. But I'm a novice to all these softwares and not sure such transformation among multiple formats is recommended...

Thank you in advance.


Indeed, I haven't written the export for MEG data to SPM12.
The export to FieldTrip and import in SPM may work, but I have no experience with processing MEG data with SPM12, so I can't advise on that.
If you want further help, you can post a message on the SPM mailing list.

What you can export are data in source space, as .gii surface or .nii volumes. I received a lot more requests for this feature, which is now commonly used.

Thanks, I'll explore the source space data and see how I can make use of it!