NIRSTORM Webinar, April 23rd 2021

4th Educational Tutorial: April 23rd, 9am Boston time / 3pm Paris time

Christophe Grova, Edouard Delaire and Zhengchen Cai

NIRSTORM: a Brainstorm plugin dedicated to fNIRS statistical analysis, 3D reconstructions and optimal probe design



NIRSTORM is a plugin dedicated for fNIRS data analysis, built upon Brainstorm, an internationally recognized software for EEG/MEG processing, featuring advanced databasing, visualization, signal processing, source localization and statistical analysis methods. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce NIRSTORM as a user-friendly and fully complete environment dedicated to fNIRS statistical analysis. The first section will introduce NIRSTORM database, data importation and classical channel-space fNIRS processing (band pass filtering, Modified Beer-Lambert Law, motion correction and window averaging) as well as more recently added General Linear Model based statistical analyses (auto- regressive/precoloring model, mixed-effect group level analysis) to allow statistics of the hemodynamic response in the channel space or along the cortical surface after 3D reconstruction. We will then present the most advanced NIRSTORM features, such as the integration of MCXLab software [Fang and Boas Opt. Express 2009] to estimate light sensitivity profiles within anatomical head models, our method allowing personalized optimal montage design targeting a predefined brain region [Machado et al JNS-Methods 2018, Sc. Report 2021] and advanced 3D reconstructions using weighted Minimum Norm and Maximum Entropy on the Mean [Cai et al, submitted]

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