Time-frequency multitaper parameters

Dear Francois,
I think this could be a very easy question but I still have some doubts.

I have performed Morlet wavelet ( Time definition = -2 sec to 2 sec; Frequency definition = 1:1:60 (Linear); Central frequency = 1Hz; Time resolution = 3s; Measure = Magnitude; Output = Save individual time-frequency maps -for each trial-) time frequency analysis by trials on my dataset using Brainstorm. We have already obtained statistically significant time-frequency results in gamma bands running FT t-test paired cluster (-2 to 2 sec).

Therefore, I would like to re-analyze using multitaper (FieldTrip: ft_mtmconvol) time-frequency decomposition on the same data with these parameters (see attached).

I've already read the tutorial for parameter conversion from Fieldtrip multitaper, however I have doubts regarding the time resolution and modulation factor that I have chosen for our time window (-2sec to 2sec) and frequencies of interest (30:1:120). Are these parameters right in your experience?

Thank you in advance,


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Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the FieldTrip multitaper function.
If what you are looking for are guidelines on how to use best the function ft_mtmconvol.m, you'd better ask directly to the FieldTrip developers or users: