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How to cite...

... Brainstorm

  • Data analysis was performed with Brainstorm (Tadel et al. 2011), which is documented and freely available for download online under the GNU general public license (

... the CTF sample dataset (somtatotopy)

  • The somatosensory MEG recordings were provided by Dr Sabine Meunier (Hopital de la Salpetriere, Paris) as part of the tutorial dataset distributed with Brainstorm (

... forward models

  • Spherical head model: Mosher et al. 1999
  • Overlapping spheres: Huang et al., 1999
  • OpenMEEG BEM: Gramfort et al., 2010 / Kybic et al., 2005

... inverse methods

  • Tikhonov-regularized minimum-norm: Baillet et al., 2001.
    Default value for Tikhonov parameter is λ = 10% of maximum singular value of the lead field.

  • LCMV Beamformer: Baillet et al., 2001

... the default anatomy

... FreeSurfer

  • Whether you are using ?FreeSurfer for the T1 segmentation, the cortical atlases or the FSAverage subject default: please register on their website (registration page) and cite the appropriate references.

... statistical analysis using the permutation tests

  • Permutation tests: Pantazis et al., 2005.


The previous citations refers to the following publications. More publications available in the Publications section.

  • Tadel F, Baillet S, Mosher JC, Pantazis D, Leahy RM, “Brainstorm: A User-Friendly Application for MEG/EEG Analysis,” Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2011, Article ID 879716, 13 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/879716
  • J.C. Mosher, S. Baillet, F. Darvas, D. Pantazis , E.K. Yildirim, R.M. Leahy, “BrainStorm Electromagnetic Imaging Software”, 5th International Symposium on Noninvasive Functional Source Imaging within the Human Brain and Heart (NFSI 2005), Minnesota, May 12-15, 2005.

  • M.X. Huang, J.C. Mosher and R.M. Leahy, "A sensor-weighted overlapping-sphere head model and exhaustive head model comparison for MEG",Physics in Medicine and Biology, 44(2): 423-440, Feb. 1999.
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