Simulate scalp recording


I am a new user to brainstorm and need some help in simulating scalp recording. I have created a protocol with the default anatomy and have generated a realstic head model and I’m using colin EEG cap.
I have selected a scout (region of interest) and would like to simulate the recording for only the selected region but when I click on simulate recording nothing happens.
am I doing it wrong ? or what should I do If I wanted to generate EEG sensors recording assuming single region is active?
I really need help in that.
Thank you


You can get a lot of help for this on the user forum, for instance:


Thank you.
But I need more clarification. the steps I did :

  1. import MRI and surfaces
  2. use a default EEG cap
  3. add atles with a selected region of interest as scout
    4.simulate recording from sources drop down list
    but nothing happens after step 4, the software does not response.

I tried to follow the steps you mentioned in forum, I don’t know what is the forms of the output simulated data. Also in order to add a scout i can’t set the ROI because it is not displayed when I navigate though the drop down list

After you import the subject anatomy, you should do the following:

  1. Set a default EEG cap
  2. Edit the EEG cap to fit in on the subject’s head (at least project the electrodes on the head surface)
  3. Compute a forward model
  4. Define some source activity, with the process "Simulate > Simulate generic signal"
  5. Create a scout for which you want to set this activity (you can use the menu “Scout > New: Coordinates” to create a new ROI based on MNI coordinates)
  6. Associate the signal with the scout and use this to simulate EEG or MEG recordings, with process “Simulate > Simulate recordings from scouts” (select the simulated signal in Process1, and select the scout in the process options)

If there is one step for which you don’t understand what is going on, please post screen captures illustrating your issue (showing the files in the database explorer, the options and the menus you are trying to use).

If you haven’t been using Brainstorm much before, I recommend you start by reading all the introduction tutorials (all the pages of the section “Get started” of the tutorial page on the Brainstorm website)

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hey @Francois is there any good matlab code for step 3, simulating generic signals? using Sin and Cos is very unrealistic and I was not able to find anything else online.
Is there any Update on Brainstorm for data simulation?
I was wondering if its possible to cut a EEG data from actual Data (I.e from EEGEpilepsy Data) and use that as the generic source … is that possible?

I’m sorry, we don’t have any tool available in Brainstorm for simulating realistic EEG signals.
This is still an active research field, you could try contacting researchers who publish or present in conferences about this topic.

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FYI: To address all the recent questions we had related with simulations, I added some code in Brainstorm and wrote a new tutorial: